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"Inflated Could Be the 'Das Kapital' of the Tea Party Revolution"
  Jonathan Liu   The New York Observer

Inflated: How Money and Debt
Built the American Dream

Second Printing!

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Reviews of Inflated

"This survey of American financial history, viewed through the lens of inflation and debt, has clearly been written with the ultimate aim of informing policy about combating those interrelated evils."
Mark Calabria    Barron's

"Very rarely can anyone find a book that has the potential to challenge how we see the world
around us. "Inflated" is one such rare find."
Paul Jackson    Housing Wire

"The book is developing a cult following amongst the Gold and anti-Fed cognescenti, the 'inflationati,' and others"
Barry Ritholtz    The Big Picture

"Mr Whalen looks forward to the day when the greenback is no longer the world's sole reserve currency"
  The Economist

"While many try, only a few have the insight and ability to discuss economics as Whalen can"
Matthew J. O'Connor   The Clarion Advisory

"The author sees a conflict at the heart of Americans' attitudes toward money and debt"
Nancy F. Koehn   The New York Times

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